The Brooklyns


"And the place is packed as The Brooklyns start playing. Maureen Kavanaugh plays acoustic guitar and has a great voice and stage manner. Guitarists Tom Leger, who also sings, and Sean Murray (a lefty) play really well together. Sometimes you hear double leads like Lynyrd Skynyrd and sometimes you hear The Stones, Petty, and maybe Creedence; but these cats are always rocking. Jeff Murray on bass and Reebo on drums tightly drive the band. They do a few songs from their current CD including the title cut, “Swords And Lies” and “War” along with a few cuts from their upcoming release “Roll It” and “Take Back”; which I really dig. I hear a stranger near me say to his friend, “These guys are good!”; and I agree." - AJ Wachtel - The Noise(Jan '14)

“Intense and raw roots rock, played with conviction and soul. Infectious swinging/ shuffle grooves, great melodies, old school tones and a late 60's vibe that says it's party time. This band will keep you coming back for more.” - Oliver Arditi -

“The Brooklyns may be named after an alcoholic beverage, which in turn is named after a borough in the evil empire; but they are more like a state of mind. Their mix of rock 'n' roll, good songs, and passion is one reason to overlook their New York name, while their powerful playing and attitude is a reason to become a fan.” - The Noise (June/July 2011 issue - Interview)

“A Boston band with down-home songwriting and a rock-infused country feel is coming to Tammany Hall on Jan. 9. Why should you care? If you’re a fan of honest songs, pickin’ guitar, throaty vocals and smart collaboration, then The Brooklyns are your sweet water to drink. ” - Doreen Manning -  Worcester Magazine